BeforeYou Travel

What do I need on the day to Sail?

Prior to your sailing, you'll require the necessary completed paperwork including Consignment Note, Dangerous Goods Note ect. For more information of what documentation is required for what service type, please see our Docs and Forms page. We require all our passengers due to travel on a domestic sailing (inter-island and between the UK, Guernsey and Jersey) to carry a form of photographic identification. Unfortunately, without an accepted form of photo ID to show at check-in you won’t be permitted to board. Children under the age of 16 can travel on domestic services without photo ID provided the accompanying adult can vouch for their identification.

Accepted travel documents include:

A valid passport (i.e. in date)
An expired passport (domestic routes only, up to two years after expiry)
Valid EU or Swiss national identity card
Valid driving licence (full or Provisional are accepted)
Valid armed forces identity card
Valid police warrant card/badge
A child on parent’s passport is an acceptable form of ID
Citizen Card or Civilian Card, available from
Valid firearm certificate
Valid government-issued identity card
Electoral identity card
NUS card (National Union of Students)
University/college ID card
Company ID card of nationally recognised company
Council issued bus pass
Young Scot card
Disabled badges which have a photograph of the holder
Certificate of Competency issued by the government (domestic routes only, must be photographic)
VALIDATE UK PASS photographic proof of age cards
CPP Guernsey ID card
Guernsey 18+ card
Please note that digital copies of your photo ID are not acceptable. Please also note that all photo ID must be legible and undamaged, otherwise you will not be able to travel.

But don't forget you'll need a valid passport OR National Identity Card for travel to and from France.

Passengers travelling to and from St. Malo must ensure that their passport(s) OR National Identity Card(s) is available for inspection and the correct and valid documentation is being carried. Visas are required by some non EEC nationals. If you are travelling to or from France, we ask that you complete your advance passenger information (API) at least 24 Hrs before your travel. You can complete this here. If you have not supplied this information before you travel, this will slow down the check in times for everyone else.