All shapes& sizes

Our fleet of 4 ships can carry almost any type of freight that can be driven or towed onboard. Our 2 high-speed ships carry any light freight and our 2 Ro-Ro ships carry all types of freight.

Light Freight

We carry light freight on all our services – Ro-Ro and high speed, and this is typically car and van traffic up to 7.5m long and 3.1 m high, with a maximum weight of 7.0 tonnes.

For example, this would include work vans/cars, unaccompanied cars and small boats on trailers.

Medium Freight

Medium/large freight has to be transported on our conventional ferries out of Portsmouth, and this would include rigid vehicles up to 16.5m long with a weight limit of 10.5 tonnes per axle.

For example articulated lorries, removal lorries and car transporters.

Heavy Freight

We can also carry out of gauge freight i.e any vehicle exceeding a width of 2.5m, length of 16m and height of 3.6m, with a gross train weight exceeding 44 tonnes. Please contact to find out more.