Condor Ferries Freight

Condor Ferries Freight offers

  • Twice daily Ro-Ro service between Portsmouth, Guernsey and Jersey.
  • Year round light freight fast ferry service between Channel Islands and St. Malo.
  • Daily summer (April-October) light freight fast ferry service between Poole and Channel Islands.
  • Daily summer (May-September) light freight fast ferry service between Poole and St. Malo.
  • Weekend Ro-Ro service to the French port of St. Malo.


Hazardous/Dangerous Goods

We are able to carry hazardous/dangerous goods on our conventional service to and from Portsmouth. Such goods must be accompanied by the relevant paperwork ie Dangerous Goods Note 48 hours prior to shipment.

Hazardous/Dangerous goods cannot be carried on our fast ferry services.

GST (General Sales Tax) Jersey

Tax must be paid prior to shipment. If you are not registered with customs we can provide a GST form upon request, however you can call Jersey Customs on 01534 48000 or visit the Jersey Customs Website, ( ) for more information.


The freight department can offer advice on all documentation or customs clearance requirements. In most cases when shipping to the Channel Islands all that is required is a consignment note, but advice will be given when the booking is made.

Consignment Note Form

This must be completed for each shipment and for each leg of the journey and needs to be handed in at each port when checking in the vehicle for shipment.

You can complete and print an online consignment form here.

If you require assistance in completing the consignment note please contact us on 01481 728620 where our staff will be happy to help.

Collated Useful Documents

Here are some useful documents relating to Condor Freight services

Latest Sailing Updates

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These Sailing Updates on the the condor ferries main website are updated regularly, so make sure to check before you set off for the Ferry Port.